dude i like your song, but i think you are lacking a good lead sound. sounds too thin or maybe it's just a bad recording. I would check that up. I really like your rythm tone BTW. and your riffs are great.

thanks for the feedback all of ya-
i adjusted lead levels i think it cuts through better now.
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Man I love the intro, there's a small but in there that reminds me of Linkin Park lol. (but it's not bad, it only reminds me, doesn't sound the same).

I think the leads are good now even though I didn't get to hear them before you double tracked them. The leads are awesome with that off sound

I liked the jumpy bit starting at 1:31. Rest of the song is pretty good, I think it needs a bit of a change of pace somewhere after 2 minutes in though.

Crit mine?
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Thanks for the comment. I did some more fine tuning and uploaded a new edit

I'll check out your stuff a little later today
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Nicely done! Rated your video. Loved the pan right to left leads. Great playing!

awesome riffing dude oO, I really loved it beyond 01:00, thrash metal for sure :O

the lead guitar after 02:00 could be a bit louder i think, and I was expecting a faster solo tbh the crazy rhythm guitar was suggesting it

on another hand, sound quality is quite good, congratulations, it also looks like you have some skills



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I was expecting a faster solo tbh the crazy rhythm guitar was suggesting it

Thanks man, believe me I want a faster thrashier solo in there at the end. I'll probably practice up and get it done for the final (album?) cut on this track. As it is right now, my rhythm > my lead by quite a bit so, just try to listen to the rhythm underneath the solo
I was checking out this dudes stuff the other night. Man, this is badass! I like what you do. Keep it up.