I have a slash crybaby and its worked great for around three years. In august i got a pedal board and took the four little rubber things on the bottom off so that i could attach the pedal with velcro to the board. this caused the bottom to be a little bit loose but i figured it would be fine. so just last month it startedacting up. when i would turn it on it would make a fuzzing sound instead of a wah and there would be a slight drop in volume. I decided to take the bottom off and see if i could figure it out. when i did this there was a big ball of dust in there so i took it out and used one of those keyboard dust cleaners on it and it was fine. Now its been doing it more frequently and theres no obvious dust. i put the little rubber things back on but that didnt really help. the warranty is long up and i dont really want to spend a bunch of money on a new one. has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it.
Hey sorry i took so long to respond, it started working again so i figured something i did worked but then last night it started again. Right now im just using the other guitarists extra original crybaby and i dont like it much mainly due to the lack of an led for on and off. Im running it through my furman pedal board. I just realized that its an 18v pedal and ive been running it 9v, but ive been runnning it this way for about a year and up until like last month ive had no problems. Any thoughts? thanks again.