Hey there,

I been playing bass for about a month and a half. And I'm looking for ways
to improve my picking on bass. I feel more comfortable finger playing, which
I do more often, but some songs I want to learn require me to pick so I
guess I have to learn to pick to. Plus the kinda of music I want to be playing
later on will require me to use a pick most likely. Please don't go on about
real bass players use fingers and how it's better or what ever. I don't care
about that stuff, I play the way I have to for the sounds that I need and
I just need some tips and maybe exercises to be able to pick faster and more
consistently and all that stuff.

Thank you

By the way, sorry if this is in the wrong spot or something. I used the search
thing and didn't find anything that helped, I also browsed the forum a bit
and couldn't really find what I was looking for.
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Well find someone who's experienced and make sure you're holding it right, then it's just a matter of doing it more and more until you get the hang of it. Learn by doing.
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i play both finger and picking, i think a 'real' bass player should at least be able to do that even if they dont always do it, however, they dont -need- to

anyways, picking faster, to start just drill on a single note, up and down, at a constant speed, thatll help your alt picking

then, for the rest, its been too long, i think i learned my main amount of technique from playing Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny as its very much all over the place

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I don't really know any one else who plays bass so I can't ask them
if I'm holding it correctly. I'm fairly sure I am, but I googled it and I
found this:
I hold picks similar to the way shown in the first picture. I think I hold it
a little higher up though. I kinda hold it with my thumb on one side and
middle and index fingers on the other side.

Also, about where on the pick should the string be hitting?
Umm **** all that ****.
Play whats comfortable to you.
Play on the strings where you get your favorite/desired tone.
I know you are a beginner, and Bass is stereotyped with "use fingers or you are not a bassist" which is not true, bass is just really anchored in blues, where fingering your bass is dominant.

Yea and after playing with fingers mostly for 3 years, Im making a transition to becoming fluent with a plectrum, because I like the tone =\

So yea, go fap and it will come to you grasshoppah...
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