Here's a complete (but probably could use a bunch of revision) tab/song. I think it's pretty cool. Thoughts?
There's no consistancy really in the riffs, except that they're all mostly based around the same notes. I couldn't decipher where there was a verse, chorus, etc., if there were any at all. It was too random and everything was played at the same tempo and same speed. The thing that I would stress the most is that it was random and didn't seem to have any kind of form at all.
the constant 16th notes all the way through gets very boring very quickly.
try to work on making riffs with a distinctive rhythm.
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This work seems kinda rushed, as if you just gathered a bundle of notes and threw them on paper. I'm not really sure I'll be able to add to what the above guys said, but anyways, yes, it's an inconsistent song and I'm never really able to "catch on", if you know what I mean.
All right, thanks guys! I thought it needed a lot of work too, but yeah valid points I'll try and work on it thanks