For starting to be a "douche"
I posted a blog on a different site saying I was gonna get some new clothes (Some J Lindeberg and some more Lacoste stuff) because I want to look nicer. He is saying I can't cuz I make fun of douches, and no I'm being one. I said I make fun of douches because of the way they act, not the way they dress. Btw, I am a metalhead, and in no way am I a douche bag. Also, he basically hates 2 people because they have fauxhawks and wear Buffalo and AE.

Tl;Dr My friend thinks I'm turning into a trendy douche bag and wants to punch me in the face for it.

Do you think he is just overreacting, and idiot, or is totally justified in doing this?

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tell him to grow up.
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You're a metalhead and you're not a douchebag? Take the punch like a man and join us in doucheland.
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