Confessions, patchwork sympathies and hard earned lies,
working past the chill of his all-seeing eye,
refusing the treatment and accepting the consequence,
something out of the ordinary in this circumstance
Watching the grass grow is now a vicious cycle,
life, death, jumpstarted with a jihad here and a freedom there,
only you can't see it because you got sand in your eyes.
Suit and tie a new sign for hatred, a new man in command to be praised and loved, more of a ****ing celebrity, wouldn't you know?
Reassess the situation, something we should have done before it got infected.
The doc's all out of medication and now we gotta cut it off.
Manifesting itself into our very souls, we're running out of options.
The water's turning to blood but this ain't the Revelation,
even caught in a storm the sheep refuse to run,
herding and burning the present and future, but how?
Exactly, where's your messiah now?
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