Hey ya'll. Went to GC today to buy the used MIA Tele, and it was gone.

So, I need ideas for a new plan. Should I save up for a new MIA Tele?

I was thinking, maybe, since I play lots of acoustic gigs with my 2 church praise groups and just even for rock songs acousticly, maybe I should buy a $400-ish acoustic to replace my Fender CD220SCE (which is not solid top) for maybe a Epiphone EJ-200 which I think looks sexy, and it has a solid top! And then maybe spend the rest I save on a MIM Tele, or a Epiphone Dot which I tried today for the first time, and fell in love with. Or I might buy a new acoustic now, and wait til summer for a new electric. Ugh.

My third option would be, a used American Deluxe Strat for $850 at GC. Probably could get them down 10-15% since I am in good with one of the salesmen.

What do you all think?
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What would bring you the most pleasure?

Probably getting the two guitars, but I might buy the acoustic now and just save up for a MIA Tele.