I need a distortion pedal for both my guitar and bass, and i'd like to use the same one. im pretty sure guitar pedals are bad for basses, but are bass pedals bad for guitars?
Guitar distortion pedals aren't necessarily bad for bass, it depends how much low end you can retain with the right adjustments to the tone controls. I used a Boss DS-1 on bass once and it sounded good, so I guess the DS-2 would also be ok. I knew someone that used an OS-2 on bass for awhile once and he said it sounded good, and obviously the Electro-Harmonix Big Muffs sound good with bass (particularly the Russian ones). So there are a few examples.

As to your question, no, bass distortion pedals aren't necessarily bad for guitar, but generally speaking they wont sound great. If you want to get a distortion pedal for both instruments, you're better off getting a guitar pedal and using it for bass because there are lots of guitar distortion pedals that work well on bass, but there are few bass ones that work well on guitar.

I'd advise going to a guitar store and trying out a few guitar distortion pedals on bass and get whatever sounds best. That way you'll also know that it'll sound decent at the very least on guitar as well.
well, more like the basses are bad for the pedals, im pretty sure that guitar pedals weren't built to go as low as basses do... and that it might overwork the pedal or something
use the dod grunge pedal i had 1 and they do pretty good for both well for me it did
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Many times it just the difference in a few capacitors. Smaller caps less bass for guitar, so its possible to set the input cap on a switch for bass/guitar. To much bass can make your distortion muddy.