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bring me the horizon.... chevelle.... alot of bands do... its fairly popular
Unearth have a few in drop B. there's a bunch of other metal bands but I'm too tired to think of them right now.
I met Black Stone Cherry when I was in Sturgis this last year. I asked what they played in and they said Drop B.
Amon Amarth
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hey i have a little question i usually use the droped c tuning but i doing like the how slack the strings are i want to tune down to tune down to droped c but keep tight feel of the standard tuning can i do this and how (use thicker strings?)
^ thicker strings brah.

and my band uses dropped B :O

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Bring Me the Horizon actually plays in A I believe? i may be wrong but from what i can tell they do.
but yes, Parkway Drive and Machine Head do and most metal band such as those are tuned down to that.
some between the buried and me songs.

does the only/ultimate tuning thread not have a list of these? look there.
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Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Machine Head, Devildriver, and sometimes Stone Sour play in Drop B. Unearth and Amon Amarth play in B standard, and Chevelle i think play in drop Bb (i could easily be wrong on that one though)
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Trivium Use's B nowadays
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Trivium Use's B nowadays

Kind of....they use 7 strings not drop tuning
i THINK In Flames uses Dropped B
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i THINK In Flames uses Dropped B

full step down\ drop C
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but these are all drop b not b standard
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Isnt it drop A# not drop B?
notes go like A A# B C
their isn't a B# so if you're in C standard you're not gonna tune you c down one semitone to B and tune your other strings to up a semitone
I think most people are confusing drop A# with drop B unless some bands actually use drop b tuning.
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full step down\ drop C

Wrong as well, they've used D standard, C standard and drop A#.

theocao: There are plenty of bands who use Drop B: Slipknot, Stone Sour, Bleeding Through, Origin...

Those are just what I can name off the top of my head, with some research I know I'd be able to find more. No, Drop A# and Drop B are not the same thing, Drop A# you tune down to C standard and then tune the low string to match the third whereas drop B you tune down to C# and then drop tune.
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ISIS have been known to use it, especially in their more recent stuff. Architects use this tuning as well

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Even Nickelback have used Drop B (Side of a Bullet). I usually dont like them, but its a really good song. Even has a dimebag solo :P

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its not technically dropped if its using a 7 string. its just e standard that happens to have a low B.

lots of bands use B standard as well. (BEADF#b) my last band was, and i play a lot in B normally.
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A couple rage against the machine songs are in Drop-B

Maggie's Farm by them has the chunkiest rock riff i've ever heard in Drop-B.
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Quote by theocao
Isnt it drop A# not drop B?
notes go like A A# B C
their isn't a B# so if you're in C standard you're not gonna tune you c down one semitone to B and tune your other strings to up a semitone
I think most people are confusing drop A# with drop B unless some bands actually use drop b tuning.

Drop A# = Drop Bb
Karnivool use a variant of Drop B tuning, with the lowest three strings in Drop B and the higher three in standard - B F# B G B E (low to high). I've got one of my guitars set up in this tuning and it is great.
Apparently Soilwork uses it too in a few songs don't ask what ones
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a brutal metal band from Florida used it. cant remember the name though... something along the lines of "search bar"
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