I really want to start a rock and roll band, but I can't really make up any cool riffs, which makes jamming hard for me. I can play songs other people write pretty well. What are the pros and cons of starting a band with my current ability? I don't know any drummers, so it would just be me and a bassist, but the few times we've gotten together he insisted that I start jamming and he follow my lead (we didn't get too far with this) I was thinking we could probably play covers in the beginning, which would be helpful since I've never played with anyone before. Also, any other advice about starting a band would be appreciated.
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do you know any theory? have you had lessons? you can play covers for now just to familiarize yourself with the other band members. writing songs is tough but if you get practicing soon you will progress quickly. its just like anything else. it takes a ton of work.
Play covers, but you're only jamming so you could experiment until you get a drummer?
Learn Theory
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I think you should get a drummer, first and foremost.
Drums are key, they set the tone, they dictate how fast you play and keep the other band members in check.
If you have trouble writing cool riffs, maybe you take a riff you really like. and tweak it, and tweak it again, and keep tweaking it until its completely different. Then just follow that process with writing a riff. You make up something, and keep tweaking it until you like it.
I had a few lessons years ago, but I don't know any theory. My friend knows some, but I don't know whether or not he'd want to teach me. I was thinking about taking some lessons during the summer, though.

It's really hard to find a drummer around here, as we've tried before and failed. My friend has a bunch of audio equipment, so I'm sure he has some kind of drum machine we could use until we find a drummer.

I really like the idea of tweaking other riffs. I can't believe I never thought of that. Thanks.
Drums really are the key. When I'm just by myself, I have alot of trouble coming up with new stuff, but when me and my drummer get together it's like a pure orgy of new riffs and songs orgasming all over us and our instruments.
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its like anything; the more you practice the better you will be. it's that evil word that everyone hates: practice.

and almost just as important, and almost as evil: patience.

exercise both of those regularly and you'll soon find that your right where you want to be.
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I am one step further then you.. I can come up with some decent riffs, I just cant seem to go anywhere with them....

I just start playing random crap on my guitar... different finger patterns etc... and see where that takes me. I always keep my cell phone close and use the voice recorder to record them...

I usually find too that if I am sitting for like a hour or so and I come up with a couple riffs that I like in that time, that they usually complement each other pretty good. (since they both came out of my head at the same time...)
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