I notice I have been having some issues when playing by ear. What prompted me to do this is the fact my bassist tells me what to play at times. Should I be playing what he plays? Like Dani California, the bridge he tells me to play B, G, and F#, and I thought, yeah, that sounds right. But is that how frusciante plays it? I cant hear the difference, but there is one! I seem to be struggling finding myself and the guitars role! I went to play Otherside by ear, but Im playing, and I go to play it, and I end up playing barre chords of what the bassist is playing! I guess what Im having trouble with is differentiating by ear between what the bassist is playing and what the guitarist is. Any tips? Im new to playing by ear, but I am not all that new to guitar, I know my theory and techniques, its the ear thing. How can I learn solos or melodies by ear if Im always playing the chords of the song? Is it just part of it? Should I keep going at that?
I also am starting to really steer away from tabs. If I know a progression, but not how to play the part, should I look up tabs? Or is ruining the purpose of ear training? Or does it help me see how it really is?
well it takes pratice..i started with easy stuff..mainly theme songs like indiana jones and such...u gotta listin pause..and pretty much guess...just listin to a few notes at a time..the less u try to do at once the easyer it should be...

if u keep the song going and just try to play along with it..yea ull end up playing chords..the otherside has alot of bass all rhcp do tho..id start with easyer stuff..thats JUST guitar or theme songs...star wars..christmas songs are easy..stuff like that..songs uv heard growing up on like ode to joy or whatever that one should be easy for u to get