What are some benefits of lower output pickups as opposed to high output pickups? Is the tone clearer or anything like that?
High output pickups have more wire and bigger magnets than low ouputs so that means high outputs are capable of more distortion, on the other hand lower output pickups are clearer than high outputs when distorted.
I think that more people should use lower output pickups because I think that many of today's popular artists don't actually use that high of output pickups.

Take for instance lamb of god, both use SD '59 pickups. Moderate output pickups.
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The output of the pickup doesn't necessarily decide how it's voiced or what it's good for. If you're going for an uber clean tone then they might be better since you won't drive the preamp as hard. To me they have less compression and are more open sounding. It's not necessarily whether they have an advantage, but more about what kind of tone you're going for.
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AFAIK, lower output pickups affect the natural tone of your guitar less than higher output pickups.
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I'm using a seymour duncan JB which i think is considered a high output pickup according to the site.

but its definitely mellower than a lot of other pickups. For metal i find having a lower output pickup to be indispensable for clarity.

although if you have a high output pickup, you can compensate by lowering it away from the strings.
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I always use low output pups for high or higher gain activities - it keeps the sound tighter, smoother and more controlled.

EMGs with high gain just sounds harsh and artificial to me.

Plus the lower output gives a much better sound when you roll back the volume - some people are shocked when they change to lower output and find it actually sounds better!

Not that high output are bad - the ones in my Strat give a great range of tones.
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Is the tone clearer or anything like that?

More vintage sounding if anything. At least that's what I take from it. I have med to low output pups in a couple guitars and love them. No "ice picks" if you will.
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I find that low to medium output pickups tend to have a much warmer tone. Not always, but usually. High output pickups always sound sterile to me and seem to lack clarity and definition.