Sounds like a pro recording, just not my type of music.
Still, "sounds" good, keep at it
Why does every deathcore band have to have a completely unoriginal, illegible band logo?

Anyways, the guitar work is quite nice, I enjoyed it. My real complaint, though, is that the vocals were a bit loud in the mix.
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December 14, 2017
0:00 to 0:29 - very very good, the deathcore factor is there.
0:29 to 0:32 - that lil break down should be tighter or rearranged, it sounds sloppy
0:33 to 1:09 - still very good
1:10 to 1:12 - that lil break is sloppy
1:13 to 1:50 - again very good, tight playing
1:51 to 2:04 - that break down is sloppy
2:05 to 3:00 - idk if the break down is suposed to sound off or not, but its not very appealing
3:00 to end - tight, that break down at the end is very good to end with, the sweeps arnt very good.

i think the times got off cuz of myspace, but i think u knw wat parts i mean. the first of the series of BD's at the end is the one i think should be played again at the end w a lead over it, thr were to many BD's at the end it lost its appeal again. overall i think the songs tite, very well constructed, just focus on the tightness and not overloading the song w random breakdowns, if u cant come up w a part, sit down and think hard till it comes, but very very good, deathcore may sound random, but it has a core tht is well constructed, if you listen to possesion by white chapel you'll understand about how to not overload the song to much, besides a certain part may sound better or lead to the creation of another song, try starting off a song w one of the breakdowns at the end of this song, i give it an 8.
thanks for the feedback

brocmartens90, i agree on most of the stuff you said, you definitely pinpointed some the parts i thought were a little off. this is partly because the other guitarist was having rhythm-related problems. this will all be worked on though and next time we hit the studio we're gonna record 2 songs and make them much tighter and get them mastered (the myspace track is unmastered.)

thanks for listening