This is my song "rain"
Comments and Opinions are appreciated
its a song i wrote about a girl


it starts to rain

another hard day
nothin good is goin my way

the water falls down

another week goes by
no others catch my eye

it never stops

another year gone past

got nothin here that will ever last

pre chorus:
its rainin,
as i walk down this street,
its rainin,
its just me and my own two feet,
the sun is gone..
the clouds are back..
without you ive gone off track..
why cant the light shine..
why cant she be mine..
cant the storm go away..
cant she come back and stay..
why does she have to leave
and have the rain take her place
its so hard to believe

the weather hasnt got better
the sun still wants to hide

cant you see that
i need you on my side

too hard to fly my kite..

my days are full of rain,
like my heart is full of pain..

its just not right..


verse 3
i see that,
i gotta get away from this harsh rain,
wont forget you but please dont refrain,
in my soul your their to stay,
but i see,
i gotta go on,
to go find,
my own way


what do you think?
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Not bad. Sounds like a very promising song. I would love to see u play it. Do u sing or are these just lyrics you've been working on?
yeah rain is a constant..
gotta work on the different word variations..
thanks for the feedback people