I may have talked my dad into finally getting a new TV for the basement. That is, I asked if he wanted to basically go halvsies on one.

Now what we'll probably be looking at when the time comes is an HD TV in the $600-ish price range for a 26"-ish size screen. My dad knows his **** when it comes to any sort of media technology (except computers), but there's probably some bits of advice I can pick up from the pit.

Soooo any HDTV shopping tips?

Oh also note I'm more interested in gaming potential than anything else, but the pops does need a TV he can watch from a distance.
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i'm not sure that 26" HDTV even cost $600. they've come down considerably in their prices these days.. and i'm not talking about those cruddy off-brand ones like.. prima or konka or whatever..

what are you gonna be using the TV for? watching cable/satellite? blu-ray? gaming? do you have consoles that are using HDMI or component video?
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me personally, when we were getting a full HD tv, LCD is the way to go.
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i've heard plasmas are good for 42 inch and larger tvs but for 32 inch and under you should go for LCD

also make sure your tv can play up to 1080p
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I own a 32-inch Vizio that I got in the 600$ range.

It works really well as far as picture goes.

The speakers ****ing suck, though.
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I own a 32-inch Vizio that I got in the 600$ range.

It works really well as far as picture goes.

The speakers ****ing suck, though.

Isn't that common on all TVs?
Go for name brand, honestly. I recommend Samsung and Sony.


This one looks great. Samsung 26"
$440 dollars ships free.
Just make sure to get some HDMI cables to hook up your miscellaneous electronics.

EDIT: If you have $600 set aside you can probably get something 32". My brother just bought a 32" Sony off Amazon for around $600 and it's nice!
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make sure its got inbuilt HD tuner and not HD ready.
Always buy a samsung or sony, it's more expensive, but it will pay for itself in the long run. Right now the highest picture quality you can get is 1440 i, samsungs and sonys will upgrade automatically to better picture ratios as they become available. Yeah, that's about it.
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