Hey everyone,

I'm trying to decide whether to go for a fender deluxe reverb, or a hot rod/blues deluxe (similar enough that i'd buy the better deal), or if anyone else has any brilliant ideas, tell me - that would be much appreciated. I'm looking for a john mayer-esque tone, and i play through a strat.

thanks a lot
I'd go for the Blues Jr. It's only 15 watts, but definitely loud enough. Whenever I'm jamming with some buddies, the volume is on 4 and it's plenty loud. If I play with my solid state line 6 30 watt, i need the volume on 10.

Also since the Blues Jr. is only 15 watts, there's less headroom, which means you can get the natural distortion on lower volume settings. With the Blues deluxe which is 40 watts I thnk, there's more headroom, so you'll need higher volume to get the natural distortion.

Also if you go for the blues jr., go for NOS edition. The jensen speaker in it and the tweed cover makes it sound so much better than the regular one.
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