I'm a guitarist of almost 5 months now and I haven't had much trouble practicing for hours and making great progress(IMO). I've been through several textbooks, a lot of articles on UG, and have had a teacher for a month.

I feel like everything that I'm finding is just beginner stuff. Where do I go to get more immersed? I'm thinking about picking up some jazz theory, hopefully free... right now I'm also holding out until my birthday for Walter Piston's Harmony and learning to sight read. Just looking for more suggestions.
Start learning some complicated and technical songs that would suit your level of playing(Maybe a bit over your technical level?). That way you can incorporate your techniques and better then through playing a song that is a bit over your level of playing
Try some funk and throw on a metronome. Great for Rhythm training
Do you know pinch harmonics and other "cool tricks"? It could add depth to your playing.