Hi all,

Anyone interested in a pair of Dimarzios D-sonic (bridge) and Humbucker From Hell (neck, modded with ceramic magnet instead of A5, old magnet available as well) ?

I would gladly trade for a pair of EMG's, preferably 85/60 or 89/60. Might as well add some cash depending of the offer. I sold the guitar that they were used in, so they are in excellent cosmetic and functional condition, as shown in attached pics.

Let me know waht you got. International shipping (Europe) is required, i'll cover any costs from my side of course
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Dude ur the first person ive seen that wants to trade Dimarzios for EMG's... No pun intended
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haha, no offense taken

these are pretty good actually , just want to try something new since i've never messed around with EMG's and i have no use for the dimarzios anyway, i feel quite complete with the Duncans in my LP and the Super 58's in my Ibanez so EMG is my new thing
Maybe you should post a video of what the pups sound like?
Who knows, people like to know WHAT they buy before they buy it
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The pups are unequipped from the guitar a while now as i sold it and i don't think i have any home recording myself, but i'll double-check as soon as i get home. Meanwhile, these might help a little:


I'm positive that people who like to experiment with various pickups may already have a general idea of what they sound like, though
Would you sell the pickups?
I'd be interested to buy em if the price was good
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Would you sell the pickups?
I'd be interested to buy em if the price was good

Sorry, i'm only interested in trades for now as my main concern is to replace them. if someone offers me an EMG pair for cash i would then consider it, though