Since a few days ago, after about 30mins of using my PC (just iTunes, Chrome and MSN open) the CPU usage goes through the roof and hits 100%. If i close down the applications (which takes a while, due to lag) the lowest i can get it to is 50% usage, which is far from normal! Ctrl Alt Del doesn't reveal any large programs running, so what's going on and how can i fix this?


EDIT: And Google Chrome keeps crashing and acting weird.
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I am no super-computer-wizard but i know a fair bit about computers.

Could it be a virus or spyware causing this? I think some viruses have this effect.

I suggest at least trying to search for a virus and spywares just to be sure anyway (you have to get rid of it viruses anyway so no harm done)

EDIT: Please note i am not sure about it but it couldn't hurt checking.
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What processes are running when you go into Ctrl alt del?
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Ahhh, i found a Win32 VBR, whatever that is. Gone now.

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You're computer is gonna explode. But seriously, if it's not a rootkit, and you're using a laptop, you might be blocking the ventilation, and the CPU might be overheating (Used to happen to me before my laptop almost caught fire)
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