hi,i play blues for 2 year in an old ss amp(crate 60g)but his sound is bad for blues so
i need an new cheap tube amp with good bluesly sound,i know the fender blues jr but it's expensive for me.budget 400euros.
Pretty much any tube amp made

If Epiphone ever releases the Valve Senior, that'd be perfect. Then there's the Epi Blues Custom ( )
I second the Blues Custom i bought mine brand new $450. Best money Iv ever spent. I worship that amp
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get a second hand blues jr - it's the perfect amp.

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Yeah, get a used Blues Junior.
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If you aren't gigging a Vibro Champ would be worth trying if you can't find a used Blues or Pro Jr.

The Vibro isn't a true all tube circuit, but its a great little blues amp. +1 on the Champ 600 as well.
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fender champ 600

i second that


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