I was just seeing if I was right about a solo i could put over this progression. I have a progression that goes A, G, E, A now, would it be possible to use a C Major or C Harmonic Minor scale to solo over it with.
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Quote by ElBarto2811
Hmmm, the song is clearly in Amajor (with a bVII) which doesn't even contain a C so I have my doubts.

I'd say A maj with an augmented 6th....

There's a G# in the E chord, but no F#'s...

You could change the G chord to a G#dim and stay in the key of A.

Otherwise just use an A maj scale and be careful with the G and G#.

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Quote by Guitartist
I'd say A maj with an augmented 6th....

Naaah it's a flat VII: you only have to flatten one note to go from G#dim to Gmaj. It's pretty common in rock (and other music?). So just use a standard Amaj scale, it'll sound great.