Hi UGers, i just bought myself a new stompbox and that's metallmuff top boost. I was rather testing to see if it's nicely mixed with the band sound.
The problem is, i have a bad bad experience mixing equalized stompboxes, with the equalizer of the amp which is JC120, so to shorten things out

1. What's the best clean settings for clean from JC120?

2. how do i mix it with the equalizer of the metalmuff (i know i have to tweaked it a bit, but i don't have much time for now) i'm looking for sounds like avenged sevenfold, Rockish Metalish sounds..

3. Is it possible to get the distortion from Metalmuff and also use modulation from Boss GT-8 without having the distortion changed?

I hope that's not too much, i hope i could get good replies
1. maybe something neutral, nothing too crazy, although anything would work, whatever sounds best to you.
2. EQ'ing is really on you man, i can't guess how to do it because i've never messed with a JC-120 and metal muff, but i can guess you'll want mids on the amp cuz the pedal is pretty midless
3. Probably, if you run the GT-8 in the effects loop (if the 120 has one) than you probably will

btw, nice ass amp
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thanks for the reply, maybe someone could give me a hunch on where to start on equalizing the amp (it's not mine, i borrowed for sometimes from an uncle of mine x_X) but yea, it's great for cleans

so any hunch?

to get a great clean tone from JC120 (prolly it's just me, or i always hear that scribbling sound) or prolly the amp kaputt/broken? thanks again
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