Is there a mod that can be done on the pEAVEY vYPYR so that it can have an fx loop??? has anyone done it or know it can be done??? i have done an fx loop mod on a vox ad30vt but cant find anything on the vypyr....
Why would you want an FX loop on a modeling amp?
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For a seperate EQ or something?

I don't know, but if it's possible, I want in on it.

exactly!! eq and a good noise gate as the built in noise gate is sheeat!!!
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So the built in effects/models are noisy?

not at all. they are actually ver quiet. i just like to use a noise gate to cut the guitar off when im not playing it. eg if you just let go of your guitar the amp will ring with feedback and you may accidentally stroke some string when letting go of it, the noise gate will cut that out. maybe i should just not bother with the noise gate and just be more creful with my guitar
I wouldn't be so worried about the noise gate, but an effects loop for a seperate EQ would be great.
I'm sure the Vypyr 30 has an FX loop
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I'm sure the Vypyr 30 has an FX loop

it doesnt. i have one. if it had an fx loop this thraed wouldnt exist would it???