i have the grunge pedal and i was told i could get some metal metallica like tones out of it but i cant find it so i was wondering from all u ugers that have the pedal what setting do u like to put it to and what type of tones do those settins give you
\m/ metal up your ass
I seriously doubt you can get Metallica tones from a grunge pedal. Maybe Soundgarden. Which Metallica tone are you taking about anyways? Early 90's(ride the lightning) or current (death magnetic). You would probably be better of getting a tonebone but if you can't afford that get a ds-1,ds-2,or mxr 10 band eq so you scoop mids and such.
A DS-1? Seriously? Do you know what you are talking about?
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i was told i can get some kick ass metal tones off this thing and im looking for there earlier tone obv lol
\m/ metal up your ass