Hello there, im hoping to reach out to you good folk here within the online community and ask if you will check out my band and my new releases. The approach is a little different to other artists as they would normally compose, produce and release music for 1 album this is 3 new albums with fresh new music released all on the same day by 1 artist.
Gotta be something in there for you...
Anyways please take the time to visit - www.luckysinghonline.com for samples and all the info you will need about each of the 3 albums ;-)

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Hmmm... Soul-less in my opinion. Production is very good though i suppose. I only listened to some of the instrumental guitar album, but i'm sure fans of technical guitar playing may enjoy it?

If you can recommend something in your repitoire that has more feeling please do.

Please don't take it the wrong way, i guess its just not my cup of tea. Best of luck I think there is certainly a fanbase out there for you.

The publics comments are most definatley important weather it be criticism or praise, so thanks for your words. The tracks featured on the website are the more technically driven tracks but the compositions range in soul & emotion throughout these albums, it is cliche to say "never judge a book by its cover" but it does take the curious open minded music lovers (and im not saying that you arent) to bite the bullet and take a chance by adding fresh new music CD's to their collection and im hoping they'll be surprised by their purchase ;-)
Thanks again for the comment,
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