hey there. i plan on going to the guitar shop tomorrow to try some guitars and im wondering what are some good chords to play to test it out as well as maybe some quick simple songs or parts of songs to get a feel of the neck and how it plays moving around. nothing dificult jsut some standard tuned simple stuff.

and also what would be good things to do when trying out an acoustic and checking it out to decide between them?

right now the main thing for me is playability because im still just novice-intermediate but id like to get a guitar that could last me past intermediate until i get good enough to play a wide variety of songs consistently and properly.

and just incase it matters in this thread, my budget is loose but i am trying to cap it off at about 1000 and think i would prefer to NOT get electronics on it. so just acoustic, not acoustic-electric.

i know some basic chords in mind to play like the F and will try strumming 'i summon you' by spoon. its a fairly simple song using chords near the nut. and ill try the notes up and down the neck. but i could use some picking material and other strumming while moving along the neck. simply.

also, i have some fairly simple songs i could play along the neck in drop d. they must not have a problem with me tuning, would they?
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I reccomend sticking to the chords between A and G. They work best...
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You should just play what you would normally play on any guitar! If I am going to play some chords I usually strum E, A, D, G and C.

When I shop for an acoustic I definitely go for quality, price, playability, and sound. I prefer a deeper, low-end with acoustics. I like a smaller neck and usually go for a dreadnought. It's a personal preference though- I think you should try out as many as possible.

Also you don't have to buy a Gibson, Martin, or Taylor to get great sound and good quality. I would love a Gibson Advanced Jumbo ($2,000) but to be honest, my $200 Yamaha sounds better and has lasted me for years.

Good luck with your guitar hunt! Let me know how you make out.
thanks emily.

gary, what exactly do you mean impress? i guess the goal here is to impress myself with one guitar above all others. so id like to know if there are certain chords that are considered better for testing out guitars, kind of like the ease of play barre chords or more commonly used chords. and also i could use some quick and easy material to play along the neck which im sure would be considered good for testing its playability and sounds.

im not looking for an advanced full song that i can plug in and play with wide open doors and start singing hoping people come in from outside and gather around me and start cheering for me asking for autographs when im done testing my guitars and all the girls offering me their phone number leading to their virgin vaginas and a major record company manager asking me to sign a deal, incase thats what you imagined..