Hi everyone, I've searched the forums for threads like this one, and while there are many, none of them seem to have the same problem as I do.

Whenever I do certain moves with my left hand, most often if I bend it forwards (like when you're playing guitar), I experience pain in my wrist, right below my thumb. It's both the front and back of the wrist that hurts. I've tried to avoid playing for some days (2-3) and generally that helps, but overall it's gotten worse. I would be very grateful for any suggestions on what this might be and on how to get rid of it.

Do you think you are putting too much pressure on your thumb? like pushing against the neck too hard when you're playing?

My father experiences numbness in two of his fingers when he plays, but that's because he has a pinched nerve in his elbow that affects part of his hand. Maybe you should ask a doctor.
Wow, replies comes really fast in this place SeeEmilyPlay, yeah that's probably the problem, that I push too hard agianst the neck when playing. It often hurts most when I do barre chords and such. People I've asked tells me it's probably just that I've overexerted my wrist and that It'll go away if I just rest a little, and that would be great but I wanted to see if someone else have/ has had this problem, and what they did about it.
a thing that helped me immensly was always keeping my thumb in the middle of the neck not around the whole thing Xd. but check with a doctor if you want to because guitar is a known way to develop carpal tunnel ,and theres no love involved in the pain that accompanies. also raise your strap!!! low is not always cool. (jimmi hendrix played with it high!) hope this helps a bunch.
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Yeah I'll try working on "thumb technique" as I'm quite sure I'm not doing it 100 % right. I was afraid anyone would bring up carpal tunnel syndrome, as I thought of it as a possibilty, and my grandmother has it, so I know that's like the end of my guitar playing but thanks for all the advice, I'm sure it'll work out somehow
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Carpel tunnel may be the problem. I had the same exact pain as you do, but didn't pay any attention to it. I would just stop playing guitar til the pain went away, which would be anywere from a day to two weeks. It sucks, and you should probably get it checked out to see how bad it is. Now theres certain guitar necks that I'm unable to play because they irratate it to much. In the end, I sold every guitar I had at the time and went looking for guitars that didn't bother my wrist as much. The two I have now are the only two necks I've played since I switched guitars, although I'm sure theres a few more that wouldn't bother me, but it still sucks.

By the way, alot of guitar players get it. Like 70% of the people I've seen have gotten it from bad technique, myself including although my technique has gotten better.. the other 30% just got it out of nowere. It can come from things like typing on the computer and whatnot as well.