Hi guys,

I've just a simple question: I'm planning to start a band with some friends around town, and I need an amp or some other solution that's light enough to take with me on my bicycle.
So my first choice would be the Roland Microcube, apparently the sound is great.
But is it loud enough to be heard over the drums?
It's a very small space where we'll be practicing. (my bedroom is bigger )
Not over drums.

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Possbily? I dunno, never practiced with a band with a smal amp so i wouldnt no
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I don't think it will. It's called MicroCube for a reason. Maybe the 30w should, but then again you might have to stick it on 10.
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Played with a friend of mine (drummer) and I think it's nearly impossible to play with a MicroCube in a band.
If your drummer is a 5 year old banging on pots and pans....maybe. Otherwise HELL NO. I use one for my dorm room, but not for anything else
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Quote by Chrisiphone
Not over drums.

I agree, unless your drummer is playing a jazz kit and hitting the heads lightly.
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I can play over jazz band with a 20x, but that is a whole other beast entirely compared to the kind of band situation you're talking about. I'd say no.
Quote by JilaX^
The 30 watt is barely enough.

The microcube? No chance.

Have you ever even played the 30 watt at full volume? Even at half the volume you'd go deaf in a closed room.