I'm looking to get a new bass head. I have a Genz Benz ML-210 combo that is OK for practice, but its not loud enough to gig, even when I use it with my ext. cab. I have a decent 410 (8ohm, 600 watt max) cab so I'm just looking for the head. I'm currently playing bass in a rock/metal/punk band and we're going to be gigging soon. Like to keep it under $500, and I'm willing to go used.
There are some really good ones in that range, but many are 2-ohm minimum heads that only push 200-250 watts at 8-ohms. Is that ok?
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Take yourself and your bass too the nearest guitar shop. Tell the owner that you willing too spend $500 on a bass head and im sure he'll help you out

Try out as much as you can until you find something you like. Remember that 300watts+ is fine for anything you'll be doing.
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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There are some really good ones in that range, but many are 2-ohm minimum heads that only push 200-250 watts at 8-ohms. Is that ok?

Yeah this should be fine. Most places we will play will have a house PA for us to mic to, but some won't. I know my Genz Benz won't be able to keep up in the ones without a house PA.
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Here's what I've found so far:

Basically Carvin's whole page here:

Ashdown MAG 600H
http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product?sku=480429X (I posted a blem model...$60 cheaper)

Acoustic B600H (I think 250W @ 8-ohms)

Hartke LH500 (350W @ 8-ohms)

and some lower-wattage ones:

GK 400RB

Peavey Tour 450

Hartke H3500A (250W @ 4-ohms)

Nemesis NA320 (not on their website...I don't know the wattage a 8-ohms)

I think any of these would fit the band you described. The G-K, Acoustic, and H3500A might be a little on the bright side, though. I like the Carvins best.
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