Hey guys, my band just finished recording a new song. It's very shrot, only a minute and 30 seconds long, with some unconventiaonal vocals. Check it out.

black sheep just kicked ass bro! the end is near! jam jam jAM jam jam! the only thing i didnt like was the slides in teh jams. But you rock!
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Wow that was really unique, I don't often come across music quite like that. I liked it man, it was really rhythmic and dynamic. There are a lot of little subtles things going on in there that make it really interesting. I liked the one vocal line that was whispered and panned across.

Good stuff dude, I think you have an original style there- keep it up
lol, the vox are pretty cool, I was a bit surprised when they came on though :P

The guitar is nice too with that old sound, I like hearing different songs like this, would make a good filler on an album since it's only 1:30.
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Cool! I liked it. If there was one thing I could suggest it would be a bit more low end on the recording. Nice job!

I'll be honest, I had a hard time getting into it. The solo was very dissonant (I assume that was the intention, though?). Maybe a part of it is my taste in music. I don't really enjoy this style, so it is hard to be objective. The vocals are okay, but nothing extraordinary.
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