So I bought from someone on Amazon, and for the first time in 2 years I thought "Hey, one click ordering, I'll try it" so I use that to order from a seller and got the confirmation e-mail with estimated dispatch etc.

A week later and my order still hasn't come, so I went to My Account to e-mail him. Thing is, my order (which I got an e-mail confirming and have an order number for) is not in my history, absolutely no trace of it.
According to my card statement and e-mails, I bought of him. According to my amazon account I didn't.

Having e-mailed him several times with no reply, it's time to claim... But I can't because the order isn't in my account.

How do I go about sorting this out?
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email amazon include the dispatch email/confirmation and the money coming out of your account info.

they should sort it out.
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yea the only thing you can do is email amazon directly and prove you bought this item. you have proof of ownership with the conformation email and the credit card statement,

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Email ESP Guitars and ask them why they don't make Tomato Ketchup flavoured crisps anymore. They should sort you out.