last night my "band" (which consists of me on guitar, my brother on drums, and his friend on rhythm guitar) played in the first annual school talent show for our school

we played Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin and nailed it!
playing for ~300 people i was kinda nervose but this was like my first gig (or biggest at least).

we took 4th place but i think if we had a singer we wouldve got 1st (btw...the singer we were going to have sing for us ended up taking first place in his solo act).
He wouldve sang for us but Robert Plant isnt exactly going easy in that song..its a tough one

anyway, it was all such a great feeling for me and maybe one of the greatest nights of my life!

anyone else wanna tell some stories about their first show? post 'em in this thread!
we did a talent show in the last year of high school, it was my first gig and we were the closing act. we played an original and then hey jude and everyone rushed the stage for the na na part of hey jude. it felt pretty awesome
my first proper gig was at college last september I think, we got a good reaction but I didn't enjoy myself TOO much.

the gig that we did the following day was TERRIBLE though, guess thats what happens when me and the other guitarist get pissed beforehand lolz.
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oh i forgot to mention there was 13 acts so it wasnt too bad

1st place kid played guitar and sand "How to Save a Life" and with all the chick there of course thats how he won

2nd place was the schools drum line which was pretty sweet

3rd was a girl singing by herself....which was good....but mighty boring and she messed up (and called herself out on it).......i think she only placed cuz she's really hot lol

then my band was 4th

then like a bunch of dancers and stuff and a couple really bad singers
How did you get 4th with no bassist?
The rest must have really sucked.
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How did you get 4th with no bassist?
The rest must have really sucked.

well we had a rhythm guitarist...and we are very good man not gonna lie...we rocked the house..errr ummm cafeteria stage
My first time on stage (with a guitar) went horribly from what i recolect, there was about 7 of us crammed on a stage playing a song we composed ourselves and we had probably only had about one full band practice lol.

A couple of school shows later my band (me on rhythm, friend on lead and vocals and another friend on drums) did for whom the bell tells which was awesome but the audience was around 100 40+ adults who didn't really 'feel' the music lol
Good for you. In a couple of weeks I'l be playing "Sweet Child of Mine" for my school's talent show.
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At my talent show back in High School, we played an original, then we played AEnama by Tool. We were kindly escorted off the stage by my principal.
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i'm thinking of doing another brick in the wall (pink floyd or korn version, i'm not sure) at the next school talent show. That'll show those pricks
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