i have never owned a guitar with a floating trem and from what ive read the ZR is the easiest to set up and maintain. is this true? also, theres no place near me that has one so i've never played it - can you get all sorts of sounds from it or just metal? thanks. btw, i REALLY want an S5470F but i'll never have $1600 to spend anytime soon maybe i'll just save and save for it since it is my "dream guitar"

I've heard nothing but good things about the ZR trem set up especially compared to the LFR and Edge III. I'm actually planning on ordering this guitar today...the only negative I can find about the guitar is 22 frets instead of the 24 but it's not enough to turn me away from the other awesome features on the guitar.
i may know a guy who has played one
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i played one once...

however i never changed its strings, so i cant tell you much on the ZR... only that its nice when playing

imo, you can go for a better ibanez extending your budget a litle bit! despite this i have told you, its an OK guitar, but it isnt the 8th wonder or something by the way

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it plays very well for a cheap-ish guitar
the trem is very stable
my headstock snapped off in an accident, it was unstringed for 2 weeks
action was perfect and intonation too
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
I've only played one unamped so I can't comment on its ability to achieve various tones. I was really shocked at how thin the guitar was though, I had heard people say it was a thinner guitar but it seemed like it had about half the body mass of most other guitars. I tried it alongside some RGs, SAs, and an S520 and thought it felt the best out of those guitars but that's just my preference. Can't really tell you about the trem though, as I'm not a big time trem user.