So me and my friend are making a game for an assignment and we've run into a problem.

The game is like a Galaga style game. So what we want to do is every time we hit the 'fire' button, we want an animation to play. For example our main character is a chef throwing forks up at meatballs, and we want his arm to move ONLY when we hit the 'fire' key. We already have the animation for the arm.

Any help would be great.

Oh and our teacher doesn't know how to do it so don't say "ask your teacher"
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Your teacher sucks.
So do alot of ict teachers these days now that i think about it..
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Right i cant remember the actual code but itll be something like this:

When the key F(for example) is shot

gotoandplay(frame number of symbol here)
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if(Key.isDown && !attack(INSERT KEY HERE){

then stick on the last frame of the attack clip attack=0

or if you want it to continue if you take your finger off the key have;

if(Key.isDown && !attack(INSERT KEY HERE){

if (attack){

and still have attack=0 on the last frame
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