hey guys,

my band are gonna be recording our album next year,

and weve grown alot more musical and our styles have advanced alot


(we recored them when we were 14 also haha so not bad lol)

but now two years on,

we are adding so much to our new songs,

better guitar parts,

solos stuff like that

but iw as asking,

we are gonna be adding some piano and string parts in

what would a piano play in this style of music?

i wanna give it a more full sound,

i mean i know straight off that the stringsd are just gonna play the chord progression,

bt would the piano do the same?

because ive heard really great piano parts in songs,

like Parallell Worlds - elliot minor,

it has this high pitched CHANG CHANG in the chorus,

but i dont know if its playing chords also,

and in if you mean it - dean geyer

the piano plays the vocal melody,

so which would be better?

or both haha

should we be playing the chord progressions,
CHANG CHANG, piano arpeggios or the vocal melody?

well if your wanting piano parts in songs just look at nine inch nails, a few of their more rock oriented songs have small piano parts such as discipline and only and they even go to the extent to use a full piano solo at the end of collector so check out how they use piano to get a decent enough sound as following chord progressions would be a waste really.
treat it as you would with guitars. Yes it can just play the chord progression. But If you happen to do a little improvisation in a song you could see if it fits on the piano or strings.
It sounds to me like you want to insert a piano in there...just because. If you can't imagine how it would possibly fit, just don't.
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