I've been doing some sweeps lately and to my G-string is really getting annoying while doing it.

When I sweep let's say G#maj7 so that the G note goes on the 12th fret the harmonics just comes. On D and B strings I can mute the harmonics but G is just so sensitive that I can't help it.

Any tips avoiding harmonics?
Maybe becuz the harmonic on the 12th fret is the easiest to set off...
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Just practise it more, do it slowly, making sure you're not hitting the harmonic.

Or you could try to kinda mute it with your palm or another finger.
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My guitar's tuned one step down, so every string vibrates whether I strum on it or not, hence the reason why I right hand damp like a crazed right hand damper man... See what I trying to say? Damp it and see if it's Better.
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Either mute it with you palm or some part of you fretting hand.


Get a hair bobble around so it mutes out any open strings. Like guthrie govan!
You need a good combination of right and left hand muting. You can mute with the palm of your left hand, but as you go to B string the fingertip you're using can mute the G string.
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Like say5ss2 said above the 12th fret is the most sensitive so that doesn't help. Either practice very slowly and get your right hand coordinated with your left hand so as soon as you go across a string your 'palm mute area' mutes the bass strings. Move your palm up a little closer towards the neck than for palm muting though so it kills it instead... and the left hand gets the treble strings by lying across them partially. Youtube has good videos of this.
One of the biggest things I've found that helps is in the left hand muting, if you're playing with a finger at the 12th fret, shift it back in the fret a little, closer to the fretwire for the 11th. If you're in the 13th fret, play with your finger nearer the fretwire for the 13th. This moves your finger slightly away from the node point which makes it harder to inadvertently set off the harmonic and easier to mute it.
If you are trying to fret your 12th then youre just not pushing hard enough, If youre trying to skip it and play it open (Only time I could think of your left hand being near the 12th and you wanting to pick an open string uhhh it would be in Trashed Lost Strungout Intro and thats not even sweeping)

If youre trying to not play it all I can suggest is the good ole' fashioned metronome

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In sweep picking, you have to lift your finger off each string after you play it, in order to mute them. Over harmonic node points, this puts your finger in contact with the string and not the fret for a brief period of time, which can cause harmonics to ring out.