So I'm trying to write an acoustic song for a lady.
And I've never composed an acoustic song before.
Any advice you guys could give?
just go with what you think sounds good
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my advice is try and get a nice melody first,it doesnt have to be hard chords,some of the nicest acoustic songs are basic g,c,and d and c,f,am,g are great chords together... when you have your music then start on the lyrics,im sure you will be able to find some about a woman!!! hope this helps,good luck!!
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Keep it simple, especially if your playing for a girl. Just come up with a nice chord progression (if you need ideas for this I'll be happy to oblige) and either refinger it to play a melody or sing one.
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Depends on the lady.
Personally I'd try to let it sound a little bit like latin (em - am - B7 for eg.)