So I have a song with a lot of pages and I want to decrease the length. With wich signs can I achieve what I want?

Order of song
Verse 1
Pre-chorus 1
1st Chorus
Pre-chorus 2
2nd Chorus
Solo/instrumental break
3rd Chorus
Interlude (two times)

With wich sign(s) can I go from the end of the 2nd verse to the Chorus and at the end of the chorus to the interlude and then to the solo part?

So I want:
Intro -> Verse 1 -> Pre-chorus -> 1st chorus -> Interlude -> Verse 2 -> pre-chorus 2
-> Chorus 1 -> Interlude (that cames after chorus 1) -> Solo/instrumental break -> 3rd Chorus and the rest

Remember that I only want to go from the chorus to the solo part the 2nd, not the first time.

Help, anyone?
I don't think you'll be able to make it work with al segnos and da capos. That verse is in the way and you need to continue your song.
Try to work with themes (A B C) so instead of writing down the whole part again you just write A.
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