im looking at buying 4 webber alnico blues for my 4x12 cab but im not sure if i should get the ceramic or alnico version? if someone could please explain the sound differences, it would help me a ton.
Ask ted, seriously, he's good about replying to stuff like that.

I think ceramic mags tend to be tighter and have more headroom, don't quote me on that though.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
From the speaker thread:

This is the grandaddy of all guitar speaker magnets. It's a compound of Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt, and is the weakest of all the magnet structures. It's also the most expensive, due to the high price of Cobalt. It has a trademark tone, smooth and compressed, and due to this natural compression it never gets harsh and is renowned for sounding very sweet. The AlNiCo Blue, Gold, and Eminence Red Fang are all leading AlNiCo speakers.

Don't be drawn into thinking that AlNiCo is a superior speaker material, as the vast majority of modern speakers are Ceramic and excellent. Most playes used Ceramic speakers in their trademark tones, such as the Greenbacks in Clapton for Fresh Cream, and the G12s in Jimi and Townshend's stacks. Ceramic lacks the natural smoothness and compression of AlNiCo, but offers more headroom and is cheaper, so bigger magnets can be made which give more punch and clarity at a lower price. As an example of different magnet tones, the Vintage 30 is, tonally, a fairly close replica of the AlNiCo Blue. But, due to the Blue having its AlNiCo magnet and the V30 having Ceramic, the Blue is much smoother wheras the V30 does not compress its high-end. This makes the V30 top-end emphasised, although still a good speaker. Not to say Ceramic is inferior, but it has its own tone.
i think i might go for the ceramic blue from webber but do you think the ceremic will sound alot different then the alnico version in it's tone?
does the wattage affect the way a speaker sounds?
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