** serious responses please **

So this is whats happening, I'm looking for a part-time job to a lil extra money to pay for my classes and I found on an ad on craigslist in my city looking for a part-time driver.

I emailed him asking for exactly what the position is, and the guy (lives in UK) said his 21 year old daughter is coming from the UK and needs someone to drive her to these hospitals for some evaluation scheme. I gave him an approximate of hours I can work and he responded with this...

Thanks for your response. I am glad to read from as regards the driving job,also for accepting the offer.I have contacted my daughter concerning the pick up and for other purpose which she might need you for, which she told me is okay by her. I believe you are fit for this position ..

I am offering you $585 weekly and you will make yourself available 3 times a week to her schedule for 3 hours each day [1:30pm to 4:30pm Monday,Wednesday and FRIDAYS] . Also i want you to know that my client will be sending you a check which i want you to know that you have to deduct your weekly payment $585 plus $100 for gas ,also deduct $315 (,On the day of the arrival I will offer you the sum of $315 for the work. This does not include your daily work payment, this is just for the pick up of my daughter at airport) so you will deduct a total of $1000 from the check and send the remaining money to the travel agent who will arrange for her flight ticket and other traveling expenses to move into the states.


First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:
Home Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Email Address:

I hope this is clear and understandable and i believe you will be getting ready to work .


The part about the check sounds really fishy to me, what I'm basically getting at is that he wants to send me a fat ass check, cash in couple hundred dollars as salary and use the rest to buy his daughter's plane ticket here......Uhhh what do y'all think?

I haven't sent him any personal information.
Yea I started getting suspicious from the first email he sent me where he offered like $400 just to pick up his daughter from the airport....lol
It's just another twist... a very implausible odd twist on an old scam. His cheque bounces, yours doesn't. He makes lots of money.

^ That's true also. It's cheque in Britain.
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Oooo....its a scam....I got one of those emails from a dude called Williams or something when I put up an advertisement for guitar lessons over the summer with those exact details asked for.
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Sounds like a scam to me and with all the identity Theft everywhere i would'nt do it
give him fake details

eg; say your name is semour asses
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Ok well I just responded basically asking for more money lol.

Dear Joseph

I think $700 a week would be a much better rate than what you're currently offering, is it not? Also, before I release any personal information, I would like to speak to you or preferably your daughter on the phone due to other issues I'm having with this position.
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would you pay some stranger to pick up your daughter from an airport.

There not guna say son are they
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Scam. Nobody would employ a stranger to drive their kid (especially daughter) anywhere on the basis of an email.
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this would be the best and most reasonable option you have TS
I like the asking for more money letter.

Dear Joseph,

It seems to me that you can't dance and if you can't dance then you aint no friend of mine. So I'm afraid I need you to send me a video of your daughter dancing naked. However, if I do receive said video, it means you filmed your own daughter dancing naked and I will think less of you...much less of you, and since she can dance she will be a friend of mine. While we're on with this, I can't help but notice you wrote Fridays in capital letters. Why? It made me jump. Though, yes, everyone does love a Friday, there's no need to theoretically shout it is there? I tell you what, I'll do the job, but only if you pay me by cheque and up front. You need not know my address, it would be the slow decline of you if you did.

All the best,

Isaac Hunt.

Or something along them lines.
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Agreed with everyone its a scam I would never pay a stranger to pick up my kid (If I had one) especially just on email communications.
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hahaha thats awesome, totally **** with him, he deserves it for trying to scam ya
Also, I am just a kid and know nothing about the topic, but with that information, can he not easily and securely cash in your check (and empty your account) ?