I want to start a band, I'm the guitarist and can scream abit.

I started a MySpace for the band, and a girl messaged me expressing interest to become the bassist.

However I still need a Drummer, second guitarist and singer!!

How should I go about finding members in my area?

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If theres a local ad paper, use that, eg we have trade it in the u.k which can be used.

Also makes the ads stand out not just "we need guitarist k". Specifiy music style/your influences/personality and all that.
And be patient.
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Try to put an add in your local newspaper in the add section, or try craigslist, just try to be concrete with the description of your band.
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Ads. Lots of them, ads online, ads in papers, flyers in schools, flyers in your local music school, ask everyone you know if they know someone you would need. Thats about it, not much more that you can do.
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Ya it's pretty easy to find musicians in your area (especially guitarists) just use flyers newspaper ads. It also depends on your age, if your a high school student you can meet a lot of people in a music class
Looking For Guitarist on Vancouver Island in the Parksville Nanaimo area
Have you met up with the bassist yet? If it goes well she might know some more people.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Blow a conch shell. It works every time.

this, alternativly light a becon fire in the shape of a guitar on the nearest hiltop.

also ads in music/guitar shops even the odd second hand shop (tht sells amps and bass/guitars etc work

ads in like local concertey place musisciens(sp?) love a good concert.
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