I am trying to make a choice between an ESP MH-400nt or a Jackson DKMGT dinky,
(the deciding factor is the shape of the neck so don't give me an answer based on anything else.)
I play a 'v' shaped neck on my Dean ZX, and was wondering which of these two guitars is closest to what i'm used to.

I can tell you those M necks are freaking amazing, but so are Jackson necks. If I had to choose though, I would go for the LTD, I love my 3 LTDs
The Dinky is a thin/flat neck type kind of like a ibanez wizard neck.
The LTD necks, theyre thick even though theyre called thin u necks.If the Dean is anything like a washburn neck Id say theyre closer to the LTD.
Thanks dude, that's the one i was thinking of going for anyway. I'm not really keen on those flat shaped necks, so i just wanted to make sure.