Okay, so I don't usually do this but here it goes I'll try to make it quick. There's this girl I've been seeing (long distance, 4 hours away) and we see each other maybe 8 days out of the month, which I guess could be worse considering the distance. But there's this girl who is within distance and is way better than her. I don't know her that well but it's destined, haha. Well I really like this chick who's far away and would really like to be friends, but she's crazy, psycho. She'll kill me in my sleep, and everyone who reads this. If we're not lovers, we'll be enemies. I shouldn't tolerate this, and i definitely shouldn't use it as a reason to stay with her. Should I return her Valentine's Day gifts and break it off ASAP. Should I go along living this lie of a relationship(dig myself deeper), ride the wave of lies out?(possibly jeopardize this new relationship) All the while she thinks it's going to go on forever?