Nice ideas. But that's all this is. Just a bunch of ideas, not a song. With a lot of work this can be really good, but as it is I'm not huge on it.

I like the acoustic guiter for the most part. I liked the electic guitar fading in in the beginning. I thought that was pretty cool. I also liked the jazz guitar solo, aside from a few points being out of key. Like the bend in bar 26, the 1's in bar 34, and the bend in 36. The bend's could just be half bends instead of full and the 1' could be 0's and then you'd be set for that. Drums were boring, but I understand if you're not a drummer, so it's fine for now.

My biggest complaint about this song would be the riff that started on the bass around bar 62. I don't know, it's not bad, I'm just not feeling it here. You may be able to fit it with a good transition, but right now you don't have that transition. I'm not toally sure what you could do, I would personally take it out completely, but if you can find someway to transition it might actually sound fine.

So overall, it's good ideas you've got here so far. Pretty good job.

Also, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you crit one of my songs?
It's "...And We Lose Ourselves" in my sig. Thanks a lot.
It's a pleasing song, to say the least. Definitely good as an album closer. There's an air of finality to it, which is strange, considering the song name.

I like that jazz guitar weaving the solos in and out. The solo(s) provide plenty of punch to propell the song forward (say that five times fast, lol).
Rhythm section is solid, not really to noteworthy. But it gets the job done.
The melodies, on the other hand, are excellent. You should do an actual recording on that basis alone.

Good song man. 8/10.