so, i just put my new pickups in (dimarzio ultra jazz) and i decide to try a thicker string set too

i'm a 105 guy but i decided to try 110's. (ernie ball power slinky's to be exact)

and i hate em! so much harder to play.

their should be less tension but it feels like there is more.

so what string gadge does everybody here like? and why?
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1) It's spelt gauge.
2) I'm using 50-110 at the moment but I prefer 45-105
3) You need to get use to the higher tension. But trust me, it's worth it.
4) I think 50-110's are better for drop tunings than standard, that's why I got mine.
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Thicker strings will be tighter at higher tunings then lower. I use 105's for because they work well for almost everything.
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I use earnie ball regular slinkys for my 5 string bass in d standard with my lowest string tuned to a C.

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