Hey guys, how is everyone?

Recently, I have been going through a stage where I play very little bass anymore (a former bassist now told to play guitar and found out I actually enjoys it more), and keep getting distracted by new guitar things, such as sweep picking, and more tapping freedom than was possible on a bass.

However, when I pick up the bass again, its like I'm 11 again, searching for tabs by bands like Muse, RHCP, Greenday, Rush, Primus etc, and playing through songs that I havent played in years. And this might seem strange, but I get the same feelings as I did back then, the excitement of learning something new, combined with the satisfaction of a flawless playthrough of the song, with a CD. Only tonight, I ran through my favourite bassline of all time, YYZ, almost perfectly, and the elation i felt was incredible, like the first time I had played it, despite the fact that it used to be the only thing I played for months until I got it down, and played it regularly with my old band.

Has anyone else felt similar to this, after spending time away from bass? Like the feeling of learning something new, even when you know it like the back of you're hand.

I'd just like to know if im the only weird one, haha.

Cheers guys,

Almost yes,
except for the fact that I don't have a bass yet -
I just relearned old songs I though I forgot how to play on guitar.
Like a bunch of Green Day, blink-182, The White Stripes, Nirvana, etc.
Like you said,
it's a really good feeling to know that you've like memorized the whole song, and you thought you couldn't remember how to play any of it.
Definitely not wierd. I havent played bass since I was 19 (5+ yrs.) but a project came up where I need to do bass and vocals... I've been studying a whole lot of theory and when I picked up my bass again it was like riding a bike.

The only difference now is, since I've playing guitar for about a year seriously, and not practicing my plucks at all, for fast riffs I bust out a pick.
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I play Blink and Green Day a lot, but I never really stopped playing that stuff since it's my favorite music. I am, however, about to go relearn Soup is Good Food by the Dead Kennedys. That should be fun.
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haha, i've noticed the pick/fingers thing. i was strictly fingers when i used to play more, looking down with scorn on pick players, even if they were better than me, because i blamed that on the pick, making it easier. but now i've discovered that playing with a pick can be harder in some cases, and that it is hard to play faster riffs with fingers, when before, i would have no trouble whipping out fast, root note based punk fingerstyle.
with me, the opposite is true, if i try to play songs i learned when i first started, it annoys me for some reason
With the exception of John Swift and Rick, I probably have a slightly different perspective on this than most of the forum.

After playing music for almost 4 decades, its interesting to go back and play the songs I played years ago and how I feel about them now. I find I still love them (for the most part---there are several 1980s songs you could eliminate from the list) but for completely different reasons. I also find myself putting slightly different spins on them--the focus is not so much to copy someone else, but to make it a bit my own.