Everybody knows Chuck Norris, but not everyone has heard about Dave Green.
He is a physics lecturer at my university. Most jokes refer to physics so not everyone will find them funny, but here they are
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In Star Trek, they use Sub-space fields to negate Relativity, inertial dampers to counter-act Newtonian Mechanics, and Heisenberg Compensators to remove the effects of Quantum Theory. There is, however, nothing that is able to nullify the effects of Dave Green.

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A polar bear came to talk to me the other day....
...But then I realized...
...I don't own a coat, let alone firecrackers

Visit my Soundcloud, OR SUFFER.
Lol this is actually pretty good.

Dave Green once fought Yoda, Darth Vader and the Emperor simultaneously. After he'd thrashed them all, he made them draw diagrams showing the Force at every stage of the battle.

Dave Green is so cool he has an entropy of zero

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thats pretty damn amzing, i want to meet him lol, my physics teachers pretty cool thoug, he's got a fro