Hey guys I just got a firepod recording interface and I'm getting it all set up, but I'm confused about something. I've looked at a couple recording programs and they all had similar problems. When I go to select the input for a track, for some reason my inputs are grouped together. Like..my options are "1 & 2", "3 & 4", "5 & 6", "7 & 8". This is weird to me..because I want one track for each slot or input or whatever you want to call it. Just for kicks I checked audacity, and it showed up as just 1, 3, 5, 7. I don't get it. Can anyone help? I'm new to the recording world and just trying to figure this stuff out. Thanks.
I dont know much either, but its probably not complete on audacity cus its such a basic program. I reckon the tracks should show up corectly on something more advanced like Cubase. Just a suggestion though, I know jack all lol
Well I tried Reaper and Sonar and they were the ones that made me do it by 2's. Iono. I can't afford cubase..or anything really haha. I guess I'll figure something out.
Ok So it sounds to me like your interface is defaulting to a stereo input setting (1&2 = L&R = Stereo) You want to see if you can find a way to define the track as mono as an electric guitar is a Mono instrument, this will record one track into Left and Right Simultaneously. As for your Latency it should be automatically set to the best setting for your hardware configuration so you probably won't need to tinker with it.
Yeah you have them set as stereo inputs. You need to change them to mono.
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