Does anyone know of good tube amps under $1000 besides marshall, fender, vox, orange, peavey, crate, egnater, or krank? Im probably going to buy either an orange tiny terror or epiphone blues custom, but I want to keep my options open.

Any suggestions?
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I think some Blackhearts are under $1000. A Framus mayyy be under $1k, but that might just be used. Look around the boutique market, some low-wattage but great-sounding amps from a boutique maker might be under $1k.
I have a thing for HiWatt amps and I think their 50w combo is around a grand. That might be £ but you never know. Are they good? Look who uses them without much in the way of endorsement bull****. I read somewhere just a few days ago that it left a Vox for dead but that's what you get with great speakers. (not saying Vox are lacking in any way, but...)
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