As the thread title so cleverly eludes to, im experiencing some really weird pain in my middle finger, and all along the tendon up until my wrist. Its not like excruciating, but its really uncomfortable.

Now ive been playing bass for around 4 years, and ive never had any real pain, so its not me getting used to the instrument. But it might be tied into the fact that lately ive been hitting the strings percusively to kinda imitate a slap sound (though not like painfully hard, ive put some thought into it to avoid reprecussions). But anyways, have any of you ever had similiar discomfort? Is it just something minor that happens now and then? Carpal's Tunnel? Breast Cancer?
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That's because you're a 13 year old who only focuses on guitars. I bet most people can't tell the difference between your voice and your mother's.
i have been playing for 3 months...and yeah...my fingers hurt sometimes...i cant even imagine in 4 years! argg ahh but i love it!!!
Carpal Tunnel. You're holding your wrist wrong. I had the same problem for a while.

The only cure for it is time and ibuprofen

Not fapping as much helps too...
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Evidence would indeed point to this 'fapping' technique previously referenced. You may have to lay off the 300bpm and build it up slowly to keep your muscles and tendons happy, allowing thme to acclimatise to the new sensation.
But I have noticed high incidences of breast cancer when experimenting with new techniques...